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FILET LACE is a very old technique. A hand embroidery is done with a long blunt needle of thread, on a delicate knotted net lace (la fishnet), using counted stitch patterns. With the many techniques of Filet Lace we make lovely projects: doilies, clothing, curtains, trims and so much more. We also have scaled 1:6 netting for Action Figures.

FILET LACE BY THE SEA is a Mail Order Online Catalog specializing in the hard-to-find supplies for Filet Lace Techniques: Instruction books, Knotted netting, Patterns, Supplies, Accessories and the well appreciated 'Starting Kit' for the beginner with everything needed to start learning right away. Online Tutorial available. Our exclusive Instruction, Services and Specialized Items make FILET LACE BY THE SEA the place to shop to learn this almost gone stitch.  

The KNOTTED NET is the traditional netting used for the Filet Lace techniques. Our products are: Filet Net 3,  Filet Net 4,  Filet Net 5,  and our Small  Filet Net 7. The knotted fabric comes in different mesh sizes; the number after the product name refers to the number of meshes for 1 inch. Calculate the number of meshes you need and browse the Knotted Net section to find the size of the piece of Filet Net you need for your project.

   At FILET LACE BY THE SEA we have everything you need to learn the Linen Stitch on Filet Lace. 

  The unique Instruction book is included in the Starting Kit along with all the items needed to learn and practice the most forgotten stitch, the Linen Stitch. If you have already tried in the past and have failed, try our method and you will have success. If ever you think you are not learning fast enough, you can ask for a private tutorial on video-phone (FaceTime, Facebook). 

Contact us and let us know your interests.  



NOTIFICATION - 17 May 2019

NOTIFICATION - 17 May 2019

The workshop and online store will be closed all summer long. All orders placed will be processed in the Fall in order received. 

The paypal payment feature has been disabled.  You will receive a notice of "Incomplete Web-Order".  But your order will be recorded for our return.
We will intercept your "incomplete" order, make sure we have your item, calculate the right S&H cost, prepare your package and then send you a Paypal invoice.
To communicate with us, please, fill the Contact-Us Form on our website or text on our Facebook Page at Filet Lace by the Sea.
We wish you a wonderful summer filled with inspiration and creativity.


L'atelier sera fermé pour l'été.  Toutes les commandes passées seront traitées a l'automne dans l'ordre reçu. 
La fonctionnalité de paiement Paypal a été désactivée.  Vous recevrez donc un avis de commande incomplete (Incomplete Order).  Mais votre commande sera déjà enregistrée et nous la traiterons a notre retour.
Parce que notre inventaire est très bas, nous voulons nous assurer d'avoir l'article de votre choix. 
Nous allons intercepter la commande, préparer le colis, puis vous émettre une facture avec un lien Paypal pour le payment.
Pour communiquer avec nous durant l'été, veuillez remplir le formulaire "Contact-Us" ou aller sur notre page Facebook Filet Lace By The Sea.
Nous vous souhaitons un bel été rempli d'inspiration et de créativité.

Thank You!         Merci!

Mermie et Marie-Jo Quinault


USING the REAL KNOTTED NET - More sizes in the Catalog

USING the REAL KNOTTED NET - More sizes in the Catalog

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