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I've just received the Starting Kit and I feel like a kid in a candystore! It's packed with all sorts of goodies,leaflets with information, and even swatches of netting. Everything for the aspiring net darner. After searching for instructions on the subject, here it with everything you need to start. Thank you Marie-Jo for presenting us with a book that contains clear instructions, tips, and advice. 
Susan H.
Pickering, Canada


Hi… Thank you for my recent purchase, it’s just what I’ve been looking for! In answer to your question what do I use it for? I make large scale military and diorama models and have been after a suitable netting material to compliment my highly detailed models (high quality camouflage netting) and this is just perfect. Thank again… Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ... Keith
Keith A.
United Kingdom


... and I have not trouble with the long threads now but my husband laughs as he watches me and quotes back to me what you told me to do. He stays well away when my arms reach out. HA. 
Amelia L.
New Mexico, USA
FILET NET 7 - 3mm

FILET NET 7 - 3mm

Hello Marie-Jo! I received the package today, and I am so happy. I havn't told you what I need it for. My daugther jumped om a trampoline in her folk costume. She had her great, great grandmothers apron on, and that did not end well. There is a piece of filet work in the apron, and I will make a new one for her. I know how to make the knotted net, but I havn't got the time for it. I must cut it "diagonalt", but I still have enough for two or three aprons. Thank you very much! 


...I have read thru the book completely once, and worked thru the paper exercises in levels one and two, completed the practice project in level one, and gotten about half way thru the doily project for Level 2. I know I will need to really take my time for that border, but still I get visible results so much sooner than my needlepoint and cross stitch projects, which is so satisfying.
Audrey P.

FILET LACE is a very old technique. A hand embroidery is done with a long blunt needle of thread, on a delicate knotted net lace (la fishnet), using counted stitch patterns. With the many techniques of Filet Lace we make lovely projects: doilies, clothing, curtains, trims and so much more.

FILET LACE BY THE SEA is a Mail Order Online Catalog specializing in the hard-to-find supplies for Filet Lace Techniques: Instruction books, Knotted netting, Patterns, Supplies, Accessories and the well appreciated 'Starting Kit' for the beginner with everything needed to start learning right away. Classes & Workshops available. Our exclusive Instruction, Services and Specialized Items make FILET LACE BY THE SEA the place to shop for this knowledge.  

The KNOTTED NET is the traditional netting used for the Filet Lace techniques. Our products are: Filet Net 3,  Filet Net 4,  Filet Net 5,  and our Small  Filet Net 7. The knotted fabric comes in different mesh sizes; the number after the product name refers to the number of meshes for 1 inch. Calculate the number of meshes you need and browse the Knotted Net section (or ask us) to find the size of the piece of Filet Net you need for your project.

   At FILET LACE BY THE SEA we have everything you need to learn. 

  The unique Instruction book is included in the Starting Kit along with all the items needed to learn and practice the most forgotten stitch, the Linen Stitch. If you have already tried in the past and have failed, try our method and you will success. If ever you think you are not learning fast enough, we also have Classes where you will also learn the tricks, fixes, short cuts and some additional stitches. 

Fill out the Contact us form and let us know your interests.  

LOVE IS IN THE AIR - Filet Lace Pattern

LOVE IS IN THE AIR - Filet Lace Pattern

LOVE IS IN THE AIR - Filet Lace Pattern
MATERIAL & PATTERN No. FLP-LoveIsInTheAirIn the Vanilla Orchid... my Christmas treeEnhanced Christmas OrnamentBack of the Christmas OrnamentPattern No. FLP-LoveIsInTheAirfor a Christmas ornament
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Oh, my sweet Valentine!

Love Is In The Air
A little heart for the Beginner 

Pattern with the Directions already made.  
Ready to start on the Filet Net!
  • THE PATTERN:  Dotted pattern with the Directions (Path) and the instructions for the Linen Stitch of Filet Lace.
  • MATERIAL:   Filet Net 5, Thread and Ribbon
  • An embroidery frame 12" x 12" (FL1006-12) or a medium hoop
  • A BallPoint Needle (FL1001).
  • ORNAMENT:  Put over an ornament you already have.
  • BORDER-TRIM:  Repetitive border at the bottom of a curtain, placemat border, bed sheet border and more. Buy Filet Net 7 to make smaller ornaments or Filet Net over another ornement (not included in the kit)
  • ON YOUR CLOTHEs:  Wear it on your shoulders on at the bottom of a dress, Tshirt, etc.
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