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    FILET NET 3 - 72" x 12"FILET NET 3 - 72" x 12"
    FILET NET 3-108"x20" (324 meshes x 60 meshes)FILET NET 3-108"x20" (324 meshes x 60 meshes)
    FILET NET 3-108"X25"FILET NET 3-108"X25"
    FILET NET 3-108"X30"FILET NET 3-108"X30"
    FILET NET 3-108"x60" (324 meshes x 180 meshes)FILET NET 3-108"x60" (324 meshes x 180 meshes)
    FILET NET 3-120"X22"FILET NET 3-120"X22"
    FILET NET 3-46"x20"FILET NET 3-46"x20"
    FILET NET 3-54" x 21"FILET NET 3-54" x 21"
    FILET NET 3-57" x 21"FILET NET 3-57" x 21"
    FILET NET 3-60"x36"FILET NET 3-60"x36"
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