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Our patterns are specially made for Filet Lace Techniques. They are size ready. They can be used for other counted stitch techniques. 

KIT: PATTERN & MATERIAL - A kit includes a pattern (with or without the path) and the supplies to complete the project. We can always build a kit with for your specific project.

DOTTED PATTERNS with DIRECTIONS (The Path) - Specially made for Filet Lace techniques, with the Path already traced for you, you are ready to start on the knotted net.

DOTTED PATTERNS on a grid - Printed on a working format, you are ready to trace your directions. Also used for Cross Stitch, Filet Crochet and all the other techniques that require a pattern on grid.

PLAIN PATTERN - BANK OF PATTERNS - Basic image, idea of patterns in all kinds of forms.  Will give you all the latitude to do the project you want.  Also for Collectors.  (For advanced in Filet Lace or for other techniques) 

LEARN HOW TO READ A PATTERN or DRAW THE PATH - with the Instruction Book, items No. FL01 or FL104-12

REFERENCES TO LEARN FILET LACE:  My Instruction Book (FL01)  and  the Starting kit to Learn Filet LaceI (tem No. FL104-12)   



ROSA RUGOSA - Filet Lace Pattern (SKU: FLP-RosaRugosa)ROSA RUGOSA - Filet Lace Pattern (SKU: FLP-RosaRugosa)PATTERN FOR FILET LACE - Follow the Path and start the embroidery right away - A beautiful trim for skirt, bedsheet and much more. Gridded pattern also for Filet Crochet, Needlework, etc.
LOVE IS IN THE AIR - Filet Lace Pattern (SKU: FLP-LoveIsInTheAir)LOVE IS IN THE AIR - Filet Lace Pattern (SKU: FLP-LoveIsInTheAir)QUICK PROJECT - FILET LACE BY THE SEA -- Pattern & Material included for Embroidery on Knotted Net.  PROJET FACILE & RAPIDE pour Broderie sur Filet Noué. 
UNICORN - Filet Lace Pattern (SKU: FLP-Unicorn)UNICORN - Filet Lace Pattern (SKU: FLP-Unicorn)FILET LACE PATTERN for a gorgeous design for a pillow. Designed by the Lord Federico Vinciolo in 1587
MAMIE'S MEMORY - Filet Lace Pattern (SKU: FLP-MamiesMemory)MAMIE'S MEMORY - Filet Lace Pattern (SKU: FLP-MamiesMemory)The Filet Lace Pattern "MAMIE'S MEMORY" is a gorgeous design to wear on your shoulders or place on a table. It can be done with Filet Net 3, Filet Net 5 or the small Filet Net 7 depending on the project you want to achieve. Also available in a KIT with Thread and Filet Net 5. The tools and material for Filet Lace are available in our catalog.
GARDEN GATE - Filet Lace Pattern (SKU: FLP-GardenGateCurtain)GARDEN GATE  - Filet Lace Pattern (SKU: FLP-GardenGateCurtain)GARDEN GATE CURTAIN is a pattern for a large Patio door. Available in a kit with the Filet Net 3, the Thread and the trim. The other tools and material for Filet Lace are available in our catalog.
PATTERNSPATTERNSThese Filet Lace Patterns have been prepared with the Path of the Needle already made for you. If you do not quite know yet how to draw your patterns on paper, you can read these patterns and still produce beautiful embroideries.
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