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from Katie Fitzgerald

from Katie Fitzgerald

Katie Fitzgerald
I will certainly send you pictures, with pleasure. I already have your terrific instruction book - that's what got me going. My sister sent it to me for a birthday gift a couple of years ago, and now I am ready to move up to bigger projects. I am using the last design in the (instruction) book (FL01) to do the curtain. First I am practicing using the motifs as a doily, then when I know I have the path right I will do the big version. I'll send you pictures of both. Thank you again for your great products and service.
Katie Blake (Australia)
Curtain Project-Level 3 Jan 2011
from Michele JACOBSON (Robbinsdale, MN)

from Michele JACOBSON (Robbinsdale, MN)

I am beginning to learn Filet lace.

One of the reasons I've wanted to learn was because I have a couple pieces from my grandmother that need to be mendedAlso though, I want to make a bedspread for one of my granddaughters. The woman I am learning from said she wrote to you and you mentioned you had a large piece of netting. I think she said the piece might be 100" X 3 yrds. Could you please let me know the price of this piece. or if you have any others about that size. I would like it to be a wedding gift so I want a good size piece or will piece some together.I recently purchased beginer supplies from you.

I must say I love doing Filet lace work and find your book to be clear and beneficial-even though I am also takign a class.I have one of your ball tipped needles but find the length is ackward for me. I really like the way the needle moves through the netting (I have several years experience with Sweadish weaving/Huck embroidery so I have had experiences with neeldes moving through a backing) and find your needle is a dream to use-except the length. Since it works so very well I will keep working with it and hopefuully get used to the length.

Some years ago I had tried to find a resource to learn this craft. I saw your book but was skepticle since i have bought other books and found them ineffective. I would highly recommned your book to anyone wantign to learn. I also boght your book and some items to learn to make the netting. I can't wait to learn that as well.

Thank you~

She says she has a craft addiction, and I can see that it includes Filet Lace! 

Read from her blog where she says... "I also brought the filet lace kit my sister (bless her soul) gave me for my birthday. What you see on the stretcher frame now is my next doily, with a pattern this time. You also see the pattern I am using. Making the pattern is a fascinating combination of dotting in the squares you want to fill, then tracing a single continuous line around them all. Then you follow that with your (long ball-pointed) needle and thread."

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