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THREAD HEAVEN - Conditionner

THREAD HEAVEN - Conditionner

THREAD HEAVEN - Conditionner
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Product created specifically to treat thread.
Extends the lifetime of thread and finished product.
Unlike wax, does not melt or freeze.
Protects against UV rays, mold or mildew.
Uses static electricity to reduce tangling and knotting
Thread Heaven is both acid free and non-toxic.
Reduces the friction known as thread drag.
Can be laundered and ironed without staining or marking thread or fabric.
Designed for machine as well as hand sewing.
Unlike wax, Thread Heaven will not break down.
Reduces hand and wrist fatigue by reducing friction.
Thread Heaven is NOT a petroleum product.
Reduce tangling and fraying.

Additional Product Information:
Acid Free. Non-Toxic. Washer/Dryer Safe. Can be ironed. Protects thread against UV rays, mold, and mildew.
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Mermie is back from the faraway seas

Mermie is back from the faraway seas

Mermie is back from the far away seas...

Mermie is back from the far away seas...

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